What is a public adjuster?
Insurance and independent adjusters work strictly for the insurance companies, while the public adjuster works only for the property owner.

A licensed public adjuster (PA) will inventory the loss, represent your case to the insurance company, and will make sure the most equitable and prompt settlement is obtained.

A good public adjuster has experience in the industry, understands your policy, coverages, and the insurance company's responsibilities. They are experts in reading the fine print and understanding your policy in order to negotiate a better settlement with the insurance companies.

Public adjusters are required to pass stringent certification examinations, attain a surety bond, and obtain a license from the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Additionally, public adjusters are required to take continuing education courses to maintain their license and certification.

Attorneys and public adjusters are the only parties that are allowed by law to represent and pursue another party's interest in an insurance claim.

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