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For many homeowners, understanding all the legal ease in their insurance policy is extremely complicated.  After you suffer a loss, you have more than enough to deal with just putting your home and your life back together.   

This is why many homeowners want a property loss expert such as a public adjuster on their side to provide assistance in the preparation, filing and adjustment of insurance claims – which can be a complicated, lengthy and tiresome process for many, Do remember that the staff adjuster is under the payroll of the insurance company so you can expect that his evaluation and decision will always favor the insurer. On the other hand, you can be assured that the public adjuster will be looking out for your interest.

A good example would be claiming on fire damages. Seeing your house on fire or coming home to find your house burned down to ashes can be a harrowing experience that it would be best to entrust the handling of insurance details to another person who is capable yet concerned about your welfare.  This is the role of a public adjuster

What is a Public Adjuster?

Good public adjusters are property loss experts.  They work for the homeowner, not the insurance company.  Your insurance company has what you call an “insurance adjuster” who is typically a staff adjuster under the payroll of the insurance company or an adjuster they “hired” to represent them.  As such, you can expect that his or her evaluation of your property damage will always favor the insurance company.

A public adjuster that you hire will obviously have your best interest in mind when negotiating with the insurance company.  The public adjuster will be of much help in the review of your insurance policy to determine which coverage would be applicable to your claim. He can inspect the site of the fire, evaluate the damages and losses you have incurred, and determine the values you may claim.
The public adjuster can assist you in the compilation of all supporting documents and other evidentiary requirements, and negotiate with the insurance company in your behalf.
What will Pinnacle Adjusters do for you?
After a loss, we will work with you to make sure we property document your property damage and get everything in order so that we can maximize your claim. Our professionals know that most insurance companies don’t automatically pay claims and many simply deny claims initially submitted by the homeowner directly.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to prove the property loss and without someone on your side – you could be up against an entire industry of professionals such as contractors, engineers, claim managers and others whose job it is to protect the interests of your insurance company.

Some of the things the professionals at Pinnacle Adjusters will do to help:

We will carefully review your insurance policy to make sure you have the applicable coverage;
Help you comply with requirements in your policy to mitigate or minimize future property damage;
Conduct a careful examination of your loss, researching and detailing all aspects of your claim including items such as damage to contents and extra living expenses;

Keep you informed of all progress on the claim and meet with company representatives as your advocate; and Finally settle the claim for the maximum amount available in the shortest amount of time and help you get your insurance dollars in hand so that you can move on with life.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get everything you're entitled to for your property loss.
Can’t I just represent myself?

With small and/or simple property losses, most of the time you can. After we discuss your claim with you, you can be sure that our professionals will let you know whether they feel they can make a difference in your claim.

However, the larger the claim – the more complicated and time-consuming it becomes.  Many times, property owners with large claims don’t get all the money they are truly entitled to because they simply don’t understand the claims process and don’t properly document and support their claim.  Many times, the insurance company can just tire out many homeowners with multiple and tedious requests for information who finally settle for less than the claim is worth just to “be done with it.”
What disasters does Pinnacle Adjusters handle?
We can help you recover from any disasters covered under your property insurance policy and its endorsements.  Some of these include:

  • Fire
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Flood
  • Water Damage
  • Collapse
  • Vandalism

Contact us to tap into our expertise and ensure the best possible outcome for your claim.

How is Pinnacle Adjusters compensated?

Service fees for public adjusters vary by state, but usually represent a small percentage of the settled claim. Property insurance claims are complicated and time-consuming.  Our fee is usually based on a percentage of your claim and is minimal in comparison to claim settlement and is usually offset by the increased settlement our professionals can secure for you.  

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