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What is a public adjuster?
A licensed public adjuster will inventory the loss, represent your case to the insurance company, and will make sure the most equitable and prompt settlement is obtained. A good public adjuster has experience in the industry, understands your policy and coverage, and the insurance company's responsibilities. They are experts in reading the fine print and negotiating with insurance companies.

Public adjusters are required to pass stringent certification examinations, attain a surety bond, and obtain a license from the Florida Department of Financial Services. Attorneys and public adjusters are the only parties that are allowed by law to represent and pursue another party's interest in an insurance claim.

What are the costs?
There are no upfront fees. Pinnacle Public Adjusters earns a percentage of the insurance settlement. We sign a contract with you so you know exactly what to expect. We get paid only when you get paid. We will meet with you, inspect the property, discuss your coverage, and provide our professional advice with no obligation.

Can I handle my own claim?
Of course you can. However, Pinnacle Public Adjusters can handle all the necessary details for you. A typical policy contains numerous provisions and stipulations as well as other complex details that change from year to year. Pinnacle Public Adjusters has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and can help you navigate the many requirements for a fair and full settlement.

Why do I need help filing an insurance claim?
A typical policy contains many provisions and stipulations, including various forms and riders that are constantly changing, and many complex details about your requirements in case of a loss.

Most people do not understand these provisions or realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholder. Insurance company representatives often prefer to work with an experienced public adjuster rather than the inexperienced insured.

In the case of a hurricane or fire, does the insurance company pay the entire loss?
This depends upon the type and amount of insurance you carry. It can also depend on your expertise or the expertise of your representative to negotiate the settlement with the insurance company's adjuster. A qualified expert working for you can determine everything to which you are entitled.

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